Setting standards in safety.

We use a holistic approach when it comes to managing safety on our projects to ensure all factors are considered.


Safety in design.

We ask our Architects, engineers, contractors and other consultants to explore the safest ways to build our projects through safety in design workshops and reports. Our projects can be complex intricate builds that means it is important the project team ensures the construction methodology does not pose any serious risks to people who will physically work on the project.

Protecting people's well being.

For us Safety is not only about the physical aspect, it includes the mental health state of the people involved in the project.

We respect everyone’s role and contribution to a project, regardless of their position or attitude. Our team are caring human beings who are aware of the mental health issues that we encounter across our workplaces and are always willing to listen and encourage people to speak about these issues and offer a helping hand if needed. We do not tolerate abusive or bullying behaviour- and will stand up to such behaviour on our projects.

Construction safety.

We implement an in-house management system which is certified in line with International Standards. This system ensures we maintain our regulatory compliance and demonstrate a commitment to continuously monitoring and improving our Safety record.